Q: Currency - can I buy in my local currency or are all your prices in USD?
A: You can buy in any currency you want. When going to the store for the first time, you will get a popup asking you to select your county. If you missed that option, then it's still no problem, scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see an option to change currency - it is located right at the bottom of the page, in the middle section.

Q: Course question - I got the PDF but didn't get access to the course.
A: you actually will get 2 emails.... the second e-mail will contain all the login information for the Course. The PDF is also available while watching the course.

Q: Free Pattern - I ordered my free pattern - how do I get them?
A: There are three different ways:
1) You will get 2 emails. One email about the free checking, the second e-mail will have the pattern to download.
2) The download will be available on the page after the checkout.
3) If you have an account with the store, you can check on past orders and see the link to download in there.

Q: Mystery Boxes - are the mystery boxes available in a monthly subscription?
A: At this time, the mystery boxes are a one-time buy and new boxes will be added as they become available.