Understanding Partial Seams in Quilting

Understanding Partial Seams in Quilting

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In this course, you will learn everything there is to know about partial seams...when to use, how to use and why to use. This course removes the fear of partial seams and makes them "sew very easy". Not only will you fully understand partial seams, but I also share many of my favorite tips along the way, and we even make a quilt.

About the course:

  • Total Length: 54:20
  • Lessons: 9
  • Includes PDF downloadable handout!

8 Key Benefits to taking this course:

  1. Step by step instructions on how to sew partial seams.
  2. What to look for,in order to identify a partial seam in A Quilt Block.
  3. How to make your own partial seam block.
  4. We will cover examples of blocks with partial seams.
  5. You'll be able to follow along and make a quilt using the partial seam.
  6. This course will simplify, partial seam blocks and share tips and techniques
  7. After this course you will be able to identify a partial seam block and know how to construct a quilt using a partial seam.
  8. This course will help take out the fear, and install the joy, of partial seam quilting

3 notes on partial seams:

  • Partial seams can be quick and easy, saving steps while constructing blocks.
  • Partial seam blocks give you unique blocks
  • Partial seems look complicated but can be made sew very easy!

When it comes to quilting, partial seams are a great addition to regular seams. A partial seam opens up many more design possibilities, which means we can now add a lot more blocks to our quilting repertoire.

A partial seam, once mastered, not only opens up these design elements. but it also makes the quilt blocks go together quickly and easily.

In this course, we will also be making a stunning woven quilt, using partial seams, and only three fabrics. Along the way, you will also learn how to sew a partial seam, how to identify a partial seam, how to design your own block, using a partial seam, and how to change a partial seam block.

Partial seams are fun to do, and the outcome is very rewarding.
Join me, and learn all about partial seams and let's take quilting to a whole new level. I will show you how easy it is to do. Hope you enjoy the course :)

Laura Ann Coia

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I just LOVE your tutorials!!!!! You've spoiled me when it comes to watching other tutorials on YouTube. Your tutorials are very comprehensive, very thorough and organized, very well edited, and you don't waste the viewer's time.


You rock! Thank you for this awesome tutorial. You always give me confidence to do the hard stuff, yet you make it so easy.

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I cannot thank you enough for this tip. You may have saved my sanity and by the end of the day I know my family will be thanking you as well! Going to watch your other videos and see what other genius skills you can teach me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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